Module 6: Dirty Dancing, Advanced

Module 6: Dirty Dancing, Advanced

Make it dirtier. These moves require a bit more strength and a little more naughty. Once you feel strong and slutty come on ova and get dirtier....

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Module 6: Dirty Dancing, Advanced
  • Advanced Stripper Walk with Drag

    This tweaks your Stripper Walk with an add on that makes it look and feel more advanced!

  • Dirty Lotion

    Change it up! Elevate your lotion and make it a bit dirtier. Let the hands flow in a more natural way!

  • Rear Circle

    A standing move that has you in a squat potion making circles with the boo-tay!

  • Rear Wave

    A sexy move that is a way to show off your best assets. Make sure to watch Rear Circle first!

  • Thigh High

    This moves mimics the rolling down of a thigh high, oh la la!

  • Expose

    First go down then we go up and we add a sexy surprise in the middle!

  • Match Trick

    This move teaches how to literally light your nipples on fire..