Routines: #1 Dirty Dancing

Routines: #1 Dirty Dancing

This is a standing routine that combos Dirty Dancing moves with Sexy Basics.

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Routines: #1 Dirty Dancing
  • Routine #1

    This is a standing routine that combos Dirty Dancing moves with Sexy Basics.

  • Predator Face

    Your most important move! This moves teaches you to have the look of the predator! We work on how to fake it till you make it with the look of confidence

  • The Stripper Walk

    This video shows you how to enter the room and command your subject. This is best done in heels. The Stripper Walk takes time to master so be sure to practice often!

  • The Pop Out

    This will help put a sexy sassy end to your walk!

  • The Robert

    A beginner move that shows how to move your hips to seduce your partner. A move to do in between all other moves.

  • Side Lotion

    The perfect partner to Robert!

  • Robert & Side Lotion (Sexy Basics)

    Put it together! This will show you how to combo these two basic moves!

  • The Scrunchy

    Hair moves are always a good go-to. And we have a move for long or shorter hair!

  • Stripper Bend

    A move used quite often. This will show you how to widen your stance and hinge forward.

  • Boob Squeeze

    It is a precursor to the Finger Move so I suggest watching them together!

  • The Finger Move

    Put it here, then put it where? This move uses your mouth and our finger for big returns!

  • Chapped Lips

    Super sexy add on move that shows you how to work another facial move. Wet your lips and whet their appetite!

  • The Turn

    Sometimes you gotta turn around!

  • Hot Ponytail

    Such a fun move, done best with a partner behind you.

  • Rear Finger Slide

    Rear facing move that touches all the good spots!