Routines: #2 Dirty Dancing & Striptease

Routines: #2 Dirty Dancing & Striptease

A sexy little routine where you take it all off with striptease moves and dirty dancing moves.

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Routines: #2 Dirty Dancing & Striptease
  • Routine #2

    A sexy little routine that involves striptease moves and dirty dancing moves.

  • The Stripper Walk

    This video shows you how to enter the room and command your subject. This is best done in heels. The Stripper Walk takes time to master so be sure to practice often!

  • The Pop Out

    This will help put a sexy sassy end to your walk!

  • Robert & Side Lotion (Sexy Basics)

    Put it together! This will show you how to combo these two basic moves!

  • Thigh Grab

    This is a quick move that you can sprinkle in when your partner is behind you!

  • You Don't Know What I'm Doing

    This move is so much fun. It makes your partner think you are doing something super naughty. Alternative ending included!

  • The Turn

    Sometimes you gotta turn around!

  • Hot Ponytail

    Such a fun move, done best with a partner behind you.

  • Rear Circle

    A standing move that has you in a squat potion making circles with the boo-tay!

  • Boyshort Removal

    This moves covers how to take off your boyshorts in the striptease!

  • The Super Glue Bra

    A sexy flirty way to remove your bra.