Routines: #4 Floor Work

Routines: #4 Floor Work

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Routines: #4 Floor Work
  • Routine #4

    A beginner floor work routine that takes you down, through a few moves from Saddle to Cross and back up again!

  • Getting Down

    If you wanna do floor, you have to find your way down there! This is a very basic way to start your journey on the floor.

  • The Saddle

    A basic move for floor work, more of a posture than a move, this goes over the correct way to hold it .

  • The Hawaiian Saddle

    Wonderful add on for your Saddle!

  • 4 Love (Floor Work, Beginners)

    This combines The 4, L, Laying L and V. Learn those moves first!

  • The Slingshot

    This floor move takes you from Side Lay to Saddle!

  • Getting Up

    Simple way to come up from floor work